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Self Portrait

Self Portrait February 2020 35X25cm Oil


This website opened in March 2013. Here, small scale intimate pieces are seen, painted as a means of exploration and invention. Visually evocative subjects are drawn from actual and imagined natural forms, places and events. People, places and animals are rendered figuratively because nature in this form is familiar yet awesome and wondrously curious and strange.

Subjects chosen relate to personal encounters – when in the moment or on reflection, a visual experience is emotionally resonant and moving. There is an interest in subjects in terms of time, place and mood. Painted in a life-like style, work endeavours to evoke intensity of atmosphere.

19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for the card, and have a great Christmas! Let’s make a resolution to meet up in the new year.
    Renee & Colin

  2. Hi, I have recently acquired a painting of yours titled “Golden Leaves” & was wondering if you could tell me anything about it? Thanks .

  3. Many years ago we purchased your beautiful painting “The Balcony “. It is now hanging on the wall of our home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So beautiful. Thought you might like to know where she is living. The Young’s

  4. Hi John, I hope your well! I hope you remember me. John a lot of water has flowed through the valley of life since we last had contact. John I am leaving the country to permanently live overseas in two weeks time. Remember I have a beautiful painting of yours ” THE WHITE IBIS “. I love this painting so much, where I’m going it is not safe for the future of the painting. Have you any ideas as to how I could sell such a beautiful piece. I currently live on the Goldcoast but will be leaving here this Thursday. I would love to catch up! My Mobile is 0404273401. Very Kind Regards Kim Pitman ps if you send me your number I will phone you or simply your welcome to phone me.

  5. John, my wife and I have just purchased “Shy” from the Lethbridge Gallery. It will be hanging in our home. I wonder if you have any comments in regards to the theme of the work?


    Michael Dwyer

  6. Hi John, we are absolutely astounded that we have been living next door to such a talent! Fabulous works, especially the portraits.
    Karina and Phil

  7. My Dear John,
    I have thought of you so many times and have written to you 11, Lower Vellow, Nr Williton, Somerset with no reply. Than you sent me email, I reply and realised that your email was incorrect.
    And finally I bumped into you on the staircase at RA summer exhibition and could not exchange contact details. Therefore, I googled and found you here.
    To my surprise, what wonderful work you have been doing, really lovely work.
    Would you please kindly send me your correct contact details.
    With best wishes. Shanti Tel: 07751756947

  8. Hi John did you used to live in Mansion Avenue in Whitefield, my father in law has been talking about people from the avenue.

  9. Greetings,
    My name is Thomas Chris from Sc, USA. my wife has been on the lookout for some artwork lately viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she really likes what you do, I’m also impressed and I like the contrast of your colors , : ) You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you. I would greatly appreciate if you could possibly recommend a few completed original piece, Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales .
    Thanks and best regards , Thomas .

  10. Hi John, Please can you contact me at the email address below regarding my Aunt, Judith Nolan, who I believe you knew.

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